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6 Ways to Make Your Fortune Online

Essentially, there are 6 different ways to make a living on the 'Net. Each is summarized below, in order of increasing cost and effort to start.

Affiliate Programs

Affiliate programs, also known as bounty, referral and associate programs are the fastest and easiest way to start an Internet business.

You simply sign up for a company's affiliate program; e.g. Amazon, Wal-Mart or KB Toys and place a link personalized with your information on your website.

When a visitor clicks through that link and buys a product, you are credited with the sale and make a commission.

The company then sends you a check.

Pretty simple, huh?

Internet Auctions

Most of us have stuff in our basement, closets or garage that we'd like to get rid of, things that are just too valuable to throw away. The good news - not only do other people want that stuff, they're willing to pay for it!

The online auction business is an inexpensive and relatively
easy ebusiness to start.

You don't need a website and it's freee to sign up for an eBay account.

It takes only a few minutes to list your items, and a listing costs only pennies.


Unlike affiliate marketing, as a product reseller, you PURCHASE both the product and the right to sell it - and you keep 100% of the sale.

Reselling generally requires more time and resources than affiliate program sales, but the rewards are correspondingly larger.

To save time, some products come with a ready-made website to help you sell.

Because people surf for information, infoproducts and software are among the most popular products sold online, and many ebook authors and software developers sell reprint or resale rights to their products.

Before buying products for resale, check to see how long the product has been on the market. If it's technology-related and more than one or two years old, it's probably seriously out of date.

It's best to promote these products as soon as they are made available to resellers - before there are thousands of other webmasters selling the same item.

M~L~M Business Opportunities

Internet M~L~M programs often provide a ready-made website. All you have to do is market the product.

However, these marketing schemes usually charge an ongoing fee to join and remain a member.

CAUTION: Do your homework! While there are many legitimate opporunities, there are just as many scams.

Offer a Service (Prime-Source)

My friend Joel is a skilled web designer. He has turned his skill into a full-time business which he advertises on his website and offline.

Another friend makes her living designing business cards and other printed materials for businesses. She also sells her
design service online.

Programmers, graphics artists and data entry workers are all selling their services online.

All the dating services that I affiliate with are examples of prime-source services.

Do you have a service to offer?

Sell Your Own Product (Prime-Source)

The most lucrative way to do business on the Internet is to sell your own product.

It's really simple. You develop a product, and you keep all the income.

Information products are both the best-selling products on
the 'Net and enjoy the best profit margins.

They cost virtually nothing to develop and entail no storage
or shipping costs.

And before you think 'I'm not a writer, so that's not for me', I know someone who can prove that everyone has knowledge that someone else wants and that writing about what you know really isn't all that difficult.


There are SO many ways to earn online.

Choose one or MORE of auction, affiliate, reselling, M~L~M or prime-source selling, but DO choose!

The sooner you start, the sooner you can move on to ANOTHER type of online selling and DIVERSIFY your eBusiness.

Although I am best known for affiliate marketing, I also sell online using auctions and have drop-shipping arrangements for hard goods.

And of course, I have my own infoproduct, 'The Super Affiliate Handbook: How I Made $436,797 Last Year Selling Other People's Stuff Online".

Who knows what will be next?

What I DO know is that the more I diversify, the more I learn, and the MORE I e.a.r.n.

You can too! Just try it!
Article by Rosalind Gardner, publisher of the "Net Profits
Coach" ezine, and author of the best-selling "Super
Affiliate Handbook: How I Made $436,797 Last Year Selling
Other People's Stuff Online" available at:


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